There is a hashtag doing the rounds on Instagram at the moment #10thingsthatmakemehappy. I was lucky enough to be tagged a couple of times for this and the first one I did on everything but the second one I did about being a Mummy.

I was having a not so great day – sick kids, stuck inside, climbing the walls, IT issues… just your average kind of day really! ūüėČ So… I decided to make my second one about 10 things that make me happy about being a Mummy.

I have to tell you… it was great to do… it really made me stop and think and realise that things weren’t that bad. I really love my Mummy job and life is pretty damn good.

Here is my list;

  1. Endless supply of hugs and kisses
  2. Early morning snuggles in bed
  3. Dance parties in the living room
  4. Hearing your child say Mum or Mummy for the first time and be able to use it with purpose
  5. Constant little companions and buddies
  6. Snuggling up and reading books together
  7. Seeing them try and succeed at something
  8. Being perfect in the eyes of your child… no one is perfect, but to them you are
  9. Daytime sleeps (thank god for small mercies ;))
  10. How much they love their Dad

What does you list look like? I challenge you to think of up to 10 things that make you happy about being a Mummy (you’ll struggle to stop at only 10) next time you’re having a bad day or just for the pleasure of it.

If you want to share I’d love to hear from you… share your list down below in the comments section or share on Instagram and tag me @alittlepartoftheworld and hashtag #10thingsthatmakemehappy ¬†or even on our Facebook page

Happy listing… Jx


  1. says

    Love this Jess. Even before I had read it, I had thought the same re – 1,2 and 3. I love lounge room dance parties!! I love hearing their made up stories and jokes, I love their imagination, I love their questions on random things and the answers when I ask random things. There is so much to love about being a mummy x


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