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When I woke up 8 years ago today I had no idea my life was about to change forever…

8 years ago today I met the man I was going to marry. I am living proof it happens when you least expect it. I had no idea waiting for the bus to work that morning that my worst year would soon become my best year. This is the story of how I met my husband…

I had seen this guy around a bit the last few months… on the way to work, out for a run and I alway pictured him leaving a wife and child at hime every day when he went to work… (Ha!, who knew it would be true 5 years later and said child and wife was H and me)

Anyway, on this particular day I was standing waiting for a bus to the city. 3 buses went past and didn’t stop as they were full. This guy (the guys I had seen around and thought was really cute) turned to me and said ‘I’m going to get a cab, would you like to share it?’ I was surprised and said Yes!

We started our trip and established our first names, occupations, where we lived and the schools we went to. He was off to Japan that night for work. We arrived into the city (turns out our offices were only a couple of blocks from each other) he kindly paid for the cab and we said our goodbyes and see you around.

Later that morning an email popped up from an unknown address. I immediately recognised the first name but not the last as we had not exchanged them. The gist of the message was to say lovely to meet you this morning and would you like to catch up when I’m back in town? After the initial shock and thrill of his message I quickly emailed back to say yes I would like to catch up and I was impressed with his detective skills.

Cut a LONG story short, we caught up a week later and, as the saying goes… the rest is history…

The moral of the story… you never know where or when you’ll meet the right one and when they’re ‘into you’ they’ll move heaven and earth to make it work.

And any guys reading this… take a chance, you never know where it could lead you…

Happy Anniversary N… I love you!

How did you meet your partner? I’d love to hear… drop me a line below in the comments.


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  1. says

    Happy anniversary Jess, I love a good meeting story. I met mine at work, never thinking that 16 years later we’d still be as happy as when we first started dating.
    Loving your little part of the world 🙂

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Hi Lisa, thanks for your lovely message. You always find them where and when you least expect it. It is wonderful hearing you are as happy now as the day you met. Jx

  2. says

    Happy anniversary Jess! What a lovely story – its so Sex and The City! No fancy story here, met at the pub through mutual friends! Quite boring really!

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Thanks lovely. I think however you meet the one is special no matter the circumstances as it’s the day your life changes forever. Meeting through mutual friends is lovely. Jx

  3. says

    Happy anniversary! What a lovely story of how you met (mighty fine detective skills too!). Handy Hubby and I met in far less romantic circumstances as we both worked at our local fish and chip shop in our late teens/early 20s. Little did we know that flirting over doing the dishes would see us together 18 years later, married for 9, with 2 kids!

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Thanks Tash. I find your story lovely. The perfect one crops up where you least expect them don’t they? Jx

  4. says

    I met my hubby online 7 years ago. I remember leaving our first date and thinking he was something special – he let me talk away and just listened. And that’s how it still is today! Although I’m not sure he actually listens these days 😉

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Thank you for stopping by Sarah and taking the time to comment. Have a wonderful weekend. Lovely to meet you. Jx


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