Chincherinchee flowers -

Happy Friday all… it’s that time of week again. Don’t you find the weeks go quickly? Here is your weekly dose of flowers. I hope you like these lovelies… they are called Chincherinchee. I haven’t had them in the house before and I think they’re really lovely and they last very well.

How was your week? Ours was quiet. Last weekend was really big so it took me the first couple of days to recover and I’m still tired. The kids were fabulous for their Grandparents so that was a huge relief. I was so excited to get home on Sunday and see them.

Chincherinchee flowers -

Here are some lovely links for you…

This video was sent to me from a lovely girlfriend… made us both well up with emotion… so beautiful

This little man’s reactions to his 1st Birthday cake is priceless…

I need to try this cake

This made me laugh out loud… Sydney mum risks possibility of third son

Chincherinchee flowers -

Tell me… what’s on for the weekend? We are celebrating a family birthday tonight and other than that a quiet one. Think there might be some bed hunting on the agenda and the garden is going to get some TLC… weed’s your days are numbers and everyone is going to get a good dose of Seasol.

Have a good one…


Chincherinchee flowers -


    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Thanks Sonia. The vases were a great little find from Ikea. Love them and they make it sooo easy to do really simple and effective flower displays. Happy gardening. Jx

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