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Severe Morning sickness… there is nothing morning about it. It was hands down the hardest thing I even been through. Here is my story of how I managed severe morning sickness… (in a nutshell; not well and with a lot of help)

I suffered severe morning with our daughter. I had a 14 month old son and by the time I was 5 weeks pregnant I was throwing up constantly and could barely get out of bed and when I did it was to lie on the couch. I was even feeling so sick when I went to my GP to confirm the pregnancy and get a referral to my OBGYN she suggested travel sickness bands, morning sickness tablets, fresh ginger tea all of which did absolutely NOTHING! (please note I am not saying they don’t work for some but in my case I was too severe for them to help and are definitely worth trying in the first instance)

My Obstetrician was sympathetic to my cause and would tell me there were a couple of things we could try… we started with mild anti nausea tablets and a mild sleeping tablet available over the counter. He was surprised I was much sicker the second time around when I was mostly ok with H….I just felt sick for 14 weeks and extremely tired but eating would make me feel better so I ate my way through the first trimester and put on 3kgs.

I think he underestimated how sick I was the 2nd time around until my Mother in Law arrived at his office to pick up a prescription for me. He was expecting me and when told I was in bed sick and not able to keep anything down he advised I be taken to emergency. My husband came home and we spent the rest of the day in emergency and I had 2 bags of fluids pumped into me.

He thankfully referred me to a wonderful specialist, Dr. Sandra Lowe. When she first saw me I was really low, I was told later those around me, her included, were worried I was depressed. I could barely get my head off the pillow, had no energy to look after myself let alone our son and was just so damn sick ALL THE TIME!!! I was trying to look after H and he would spend most of the day in the bathroom with me rubbing and patting my back whilst I threw up. On several occasions I had to ring my Mother in Law and ask her to drop what she was doing and come and help out for however long she could spare.

Once I was on the right medication regime as prescribed by (the ever wonderful in my eyes) Dr. Sandra Lowe I was slowly able to get back on track. I had lost over 3kgs in the first month and was very low. Getting the vomiting under control and being able to hydrate and eat was paramount.

I was still feeling extremely exhausted but at least I was able to hold food down.

I was so thankful my mother came to Sydney for 2 weeks to help out and then H and I went home to the farm for another 10 days to get me right. I was back in Sydney for our 12 week scan and was finally able to cope on my own after that.

Looking back on that time, it was, without a doubt, the hardest thing I have ever gone through…harder than child birth! (please note I did have epidurals) but even still, with childbirth you know it’s going to end sooner rather than later. With severe morning sickness you don’t know how long you will feel like this… it could be 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 24 weeks or god forbid like some women endure the whole 9 months!!

It is so utterly debilitating, those close to you don’t understand just how you feel. You try and explain and if they are being honest they are thinking just suck it up and get on with it. Even my own Mother thought I was depressed and didn’t understand how sick I was. Even now the mere mention of another child sends her into exclamations of don’t be ridiculous… remember how sick you were! I was also the hardest time I’ve had in our relationship… try as he might my husband just didn’t get it and I could see him getting frustrated.

On my second visit with Sandra she said she thought I may have been depressed on that first visit but I was like a different person the next time as I had the vomiting under control. I still felt really ill all the time and so unbelievable tired but I had stopped vomiting. It was just that I was feeling so defeated and exhausted.

So, through the assistance of medication and fluids (I had a note to visit the maternity ward of the hospital I was planning to get birth in when I felt really sick and have a bag of fluid, which from memory, I did once, maybe twice) and a great support network I was able to get it under control and ride it through.

I was taking some medication until a couple of months prior to birth but from about 20 weeks I was able to enjoy a straightforward and enjoyable pregnancy (as enjoyable as they can be! ;))

The reason for telling my story;

  1. if you are suffering know you are not alone and you don’t need to be suffering in silence
  2. don’t waste time asking why you and why this pregnancy. The medical profession don’t know so don’t waste your energy… just focus on going and getting help
  3. Yes there are risks associated with all medications so you personally have to equip yourself with the right info and surround yourself with people you trust and make the right decision for you and your baby. I personally decided to trust the odds and rather than suffer n silence and risk damage to my health and baby by being too sick all the time I acted and was able to function again and look after my son. To each their own and you have to do what works for you.
  4. Ask for help! From family to get through the day and especially your Dr. for anything you can do to help ease your symptoms
  5. You might be feeling completely overwhelmed and really depressed. Please know it does get better and you can and will get through it. (please note you can suffer from depression in pregnancy so if you think that may be you please seek help)
  7. I promise you it is all worth it in the end.

So tell me…. have you ever been through it? Going through it now? or you’re breezing through your pregnancy and just want to tell me about it? Tell me your story… I’d love to hear it!


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  1. Alyssa says

    An interesting read. I suffered like you terrible morning sickness with my second pregnancy. Far worse than the first. Mine only lasted about 7 weeks but it was so tough. I only survived with the anti nausea tablets my Obs prescribed like you. It makes you never want to be pregnant again!!

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      I think it’s really interesting how common it actually is. It is such an awful thing and you’re dead right about not wanting to go through it again. Seriously tough. Jx

  2. says

    I had bad morning sickness with my son until 20 weeks. I ended up on drugs to manage it. I think people get a bit ridiculous over taking drugs in pregnancy. I know some people who won’t take prenatal vitamins!

    Those first two doctors did you a real disservice sending you away without a real solution. With severe morning sickness the faster you get on top of it the easier it is to manage. If you do go back for another child at least you’ll know that it’s a possibility and can manage it from the beginning.

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Hi Jess, you poor thing being so sick for so long. It just sucks!
      I don’t think the doctors realised how sick was was or was going to get in the early stages as it was so early on.
      You’re so right that the earlier you get on top of it the better.
      Good luck for future babies. Jx

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