Conversations with a 3yr old - At the ripe old age of 3…H is completely gorgeous, charming and frustrating (like all 3 year olds). I find myself having many conversations with him and he comes out with the most gorgeous things that reveal his caring and observant personality. I’ve had so many moments where I tell myself… I must remember that, or I must write that down and before I know it I haven’t and I’ve forgotten. These moments pass in the blink of an eye and I don’t want to forget the conversations I had with a 3 year old… my 3 year old.

The phrase I am hearing a lot at the moment is… ‘Mum, I have a really big problem’ and it’s usually because his sister is doing something she shouldn’t or he spilt something on the floor or himself.

Our most recent conversation from this morning went like this…

H – ‘Mum are you cross?’

M – ‘No darling, I’m not cross, I’m frustrated’

(his Sister had just done something she knew she shouldn’t have)

H – ‘Are you cross with Sissy?’

M – ‘No honey I’m not cross with Sissy, I’m frustrated’

H – ‘Oh ok… I Love you Mummy’

He just melts me and knows all the right things to say!

Last week Fleur from Our Urban Box shared this post… 11 questions to ask your children. I loved it and am joining in with her asking my little master 3 the same questions… I was really surprised at some of the answers and not so much at others… You will notice a definite theme as you read through.

1. What does Dad do at work?

H – ‘He sells tickets’ (I was gobsmacked at this answer. This isn’t what Dad does but he has been listening as he has heard us use the work ‘ticket’ when talking about Dad’s job)

2. What does Mum do at work?

H – ‘Don’t know’

3. What is your favourite outfit?

H – ‘Pirate PJ’s, I go to bed with Jake and the pirates’

4. If you could be an animal for a day, what would you be and why?

H – ‘A Cow, don’t know why’

5. What is your favourite song?

H – ‘The pirate song’ (we made up our own Pirate sone and he sings it all the time when playing pirates… which is A LOT!!)

6. What is your favourite food?

H – ‘Apple’

7. Do you think kids can drive cars? Why?

H – ‘Yes… to catch pirate sea monsters’

8. What is the best thing you did today?

H – ‘Played with my treasure chest’

9. What makes you happy?

H – ‘My pirate ship’

10. What is Dad’s favourite drink?

H – ‘Water’

11. What is Mum’s favourite drink?

H – ‘Apple Juice’

So how about that… cutie patootie right?

What have your little ones said that had you chuckling?



  1. says

    That is so sweet! Really brought a smile to my face.
    I keep a small notebook in my bedside table draw to capture those gems as they happen. Only wish I started writing them down earlier!

    My master 3 came out with this one recently. “Mummy there’s a spider and it’s got daddy’s big long legs!”

  2. Amie says

    Had a crack with Grace.. Some funny responses, my favourite’s were:
    What does dad do for work: ” Feed’s moo cows”
    What does mum do for work; ” go to the gym”..
    Dad’s favourite drink: “coffee”
    Mum’s favourite drink: “the bubbles”…!
    A fun exercise x

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      That’s terrific. I hope you share the answers. I got such a surprise with H’s. Thank you so much for the nomination. I would love to play. Jx

  3. says

    That sure is cute. Raffy is still too young to answer any of those questions but I am loving hearing his combined words like trainbus for tram because i know soon this phase will pass and the baby inflection will be gone and he will sound like a big boy.

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Take as many down as you can because you do forget and they change so quickly. I adore the babyism’s. Jx

  4. KL says

    Bahaha! So cute! Yes, write these treasured moments down because like you, I didn’t and at 25, 23 and 12 it would be a hilarious thing to read in hind sight. My son had an EPC pirate ship exactly like your sons. The picture brought many happy memories flooding back. Especially the names he gave the pirates! Thanks for rekindling some nostalgia!


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