Taking Stock December Pip from Meet me at Mike’s started this taking stock list last year and several bloggers have joined in herehere and here

I really love the idea and have done it for the last couple of months (October, November)… It’s fun to do and gets you thinking… you really do take stock!… funny that huh! 😉 I hope you join in and or tell me some of your taking stock items in the comments below.

Making: Notes on my goals and dreams for the year ahead

Cooking: Something with Mince… I need to be used today.

Drinking: Alcohol. In summer I love cold beer and champagne but it they don’t love my waistline. The new year will have to see a return to less drinking (or more Vodka Soda 😉 )

Reading: The Live and Loves of a He Devil… Graham Morton’s memoir

Wanting: More time… always more time

Looking: At my list of Summer Reading

Playing: At the beach with my little ones

Deciding: When to go home for a visit to the farm

Wishing: My Sister and Brother in Law and my Nephews all the best for their exciting adventure in Hong Kong

Enjoying: Summer days… trips to the beach, reading books in the sun, morning spent in the pool, cool drinks in the evening

Waiting: To go on our beach holiday

Liking: How much the kids are enjoying their Christmas presents

Wondering: How I am going to go committing to a healthier eating approach next year

Loving: How quiet Sydney is at this time of year (except for at the beach)

Pondering: How I am going to find the time to do everything I want to do

Considering: Getting a new pair of swimmers

Watching: Episodes of Bones I have recorded and am catching up on

Hoping: H will have a smooth transition into Pre-school at the beginning of Feb

Marvelling: At how much of a water baby Miss 18 months is

Needing: To work on Master 3 enjoying water more. He is the opposite of his sister and I know he’ll get there but there is much angst in the process

Smelling: Sunscreen… smells of Summer

Wearing: Swimmers and a towel… just jumped out of the pool

Following: Mum’s recipe to pickle some onions

Noticing: How much weight I have gained as a result of not exercising and eating and drinking too much

Knowing: The only one who can so anything about the comment above is ME

Thinking: About my blogging schedule

Admiring: The pile of lovely, crisp, unread books I can’t wait to get into

Sorting: Through the kids Christmas presents and getting them all put away

Buying: A blog planner

Getting: A good dose of Vitamin D

Bookmarking: An article on slow eaters… Master 3 is so slow most nights and I am doing some reading on possible reasons behind it and how to handle it

Disliking: We finished our ham so quickly

Opening: Recipe books to get some inspiration

Giggling: At the incredible wit and humour of Michael McIntyre

Feeling: Sunkissed

Snacking: mmmm… Chocolate

Coveting: ALL the things

Helping: Myself to another piece of Chocolate… somebody stop me!!

Hearing: A plan fly overhead and the keys of the laptop as I type this

So there you have it… my wrap up for the month of December. Phew… what a long list. Are you still with me?

Please tell me… pick one thing from the list and tell me your taking stock…



    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      The book is lovely. I am enjoying it. It’s not as hilarious as I expected but there are absolute moments of gorgeousness. I love Graham and I think his show is one of the best on TV. I have some great reads coming up. I’m looking forward to following your year of Aussie writing and after look at my local bookstores catalogue and realising how many wonderful Aussie books there are out there I will definitely be adding some of them to my reading list this year. I’m off to read your taking stock now. Jx

  1. says

    Keep persevering with Mast 3 and the water. It really does pay off at the end. Mr 5 was exactly the same. Screamed every swim lesson. This summer he can be in the water buy himself and not need any floating device. Such a massive change from last summer. What blog planner did you buy? xx

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      We had a major breakthrough in the water today!! So damn excited!!! I bought Emily Ley’s simplified planner and will try and use it for planning out my days for everything…. home, family, blog, photography. I also bought the Blog Yeah planner and will be giving it a crack. Jx

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