Taking Stock January Pip from Meet me at Mike’s started this taking stock list last year and several bloggers have joined in herehere and here

I really love the idea and have done it for the last few months (OctoberNovember & December)… It’s fun to do and gets you thinking… you really do take stock!… funny that huh! 😉 I hope you join in and or tell me some of your taking stock items in the comments below.

Making: Blog designs in Canva.

Cooking: Nothing today but lots of lovely seafood over the last couple of weeks

Drinking: Decaf Green Tea

Reading: Maeve Binchy, Chestnut Road

Wanting: To get the fridge restocked… it’s bare after 2 weeks away

Looking: At my husband sitting next to me on the couch… LOVE

Playing: With my hair… I’m an absent minded hair twirler from way back.

Deciding: Whether to have a little Gelato after this

Wishing: Summer could last forever

Enjoying: Being home and sleeping in my own bed tonight

Waiting: For H to start Pre-school this week

Liking: All my new blog buddies

Wondering: If the kids will sleep in tomorrow (fingers crossed)

Loving: The smell of my freshly mopped floors. Call me crazy but I love the smell of Pine-O-Clean

Pondering: How I am going to go packing lunches for kindy

Considering: Going for a run tomorrow

Watching: The Original Annie on the TV whilst I sit on the couch and write this

Hoping: To have a night without our little man coming in to us in the middle on the night

Marvelling: At how quickly the kids are growing… it seems salt water and sea air is like fertiliser

Needing: a haircut. Literally can’t remember when I last had one

Smelling: Diptyque Baies room spray… sooo yumm.

Wearing: My favourite Summer dress by Charlotte Hawke

Following: and joining in with #7vignettes starting tomorrow

Noticing: How much the kids are enjoying being home. H missed his big boy bed and was saying on the way home today he was looking forward to his toys, bed, stairs, bike and telly

Knowing: I have a crap load of paper work to sort through

Thinking: About my deadlines and how I’m going to meet them

Admiring: How well H is doing with his swimming

Sorting: Laundry

Buying: Presents for friends visiting from Overseas

Getting: Ready for first day of swimming lessons in the morning

Bookmarking: Photography tips and tutorials

Disliking: That N is back to work on Monday

Opening: Mail… and a couple of lovely packages that were waiting for me when I got home

Giggling: At H’s made up Pirate song… he is a trick that boy of mine

Feeling: Happy

Snacking: mmmm… Gelato

Coveting: Awesome photography backdrops on Etsy

Helping: A friend with some photography and styling in the next couple of weeks

Hearing: The dryer going… 4 loads of washing done and dusted.

So there you have it… my wrap up for the month of January. Phew… what a long list. Are you still with me?

Please tell me… pick one thing from the list and tell me your taking stock… 



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    Welcome home! I too am loving my blogging buddies – a bit of a recurring theme here, don’t you think?! I’m a big fan of these Taking Stock posts, and I love the original Annie – we recorded it, so I’m going to watch it and sing along of course, today! Those photography backdrops are so ace, aren’t they? I would love a few more for my collection!

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    Welcome home lovely! I too am loving my new blogging buddies ;). The worst thing about returning home from holidays is all the washing…. the very worst! We have a little mr 5 who comes into our bed every night. One of us ends up in his bed. I used to get so cross about it but now I think of the cuddles and that he won’t be in our bed for ever. x

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