The Grateful 10 If you’ve been reading for a while then you know all about The Grateful 10. If you’re new here, (Welcome!) this is a series, where, every Sunday I post a list of 10 things I was grateful for that week…

This goes back to a past post I did on 10 things about being a Mummy that made me happy. I was having a bad day and I sat down and thought of the 10 items to put on my list and I immediately started having a better day.

I didn’t start this because every week is a bad week and I need to think of nice things… I just thought… why do I have to think of the list just because it’s a tough week? Why not stop and take a minute to think of 10 things I was grateful for every week? How much better would the week look and I have no doubt I will look at things differently…

I’ve gotta say… this week has been a mahoosive struggle. Everyone is sick with something in this house. I feel like I have a newborn again with all the disrupted sleep. I’m struggling to think of my 10 this week but I also know doing so will help me feel better about the week that was. Here’s to a better and healthier week next week.

  1. Stickers; I can’t wait for my Lime & Mortar stickers to arrive. I hope you got yours too and all used our special discount.
  2. Long Dinners; This week we had dinner with a couple we haven’t caught up with for ages. The last time we had dinner together we were 8 months pregnant with our sons who are nearly 4. We have both had 2 kids since then and been in the toddler trenches (we’re still there!) We sat down at 7pm and before we knew it, it was 11:30pm. The time flew and we didn’t draw breath the whole night. They’re such great nights don’t you think?
  3. Soccer; Yesterday H started soccer. We arrived and of the 5 children in the class we already knew two which was awesome. He had an absolutely ball (pun intended). He didn’t stop giggling and is already asking when he can go again. It was SUCH a pleasure watching him have so much fun.
  4. Preschool; H is loving it and every week comes home with new things he talks about, sings about and tell us. All from his ‘new kindy’.
  5. Early dinners; last night we went to a local sushi restaurant. We were there just after 4:30 for a quick and early dinner with the kids. It was great. We were home by 5:30.
  6. Watching a movie snuggled on the couch; I love this time snuggled on the couch either with hubby or solo on the couch. When the kids are sick it’s also nice to have some quiet time on the couch with them cuddled up.
  7. Antibiotics; they’re going to give E a helping hand to get over her bug. A mild ear infection the poor little mite. Now she is tag teaming with her brother who is coming down with it. Fingers crossed he doesn’t need a trip to the Dr.
  8. Personal trainers; I had my first session back with mine this week. It was brutal and I’m still sore (literally days later) but it felt so good. Now to keep up the exercise and eating… not so easy when the family are requiring all your energy.
  9. Photography; I am so happy taking photos and then going through them and you have a few good ones. I get such pleasure out of it. A moment in time captured forever and a moment that evokes a feeling. I am forever practicing and hopefully improving.
  10. Pancakes; Hubby cooked us all pancakes with this morning at the request of H and with his assistance. They were really yummy and a lovely treat to start the day with.

I would love you to join in if you would like… either write a blog post and let me know where to find it. Write a post on Instagram and tag me #alpotwgrateful10 or just tell me below in the comments the things you are grateful for this week.

What are you grateful for?…



  1. says

    My hubby is the pancake cook…it’s been a while though, I need to rectify that. I was grateful for Autumn weather, online bargains, paid invoices, our fabulous fringe festival and a hug from the teenage son x

  2. says

    Ah yes, the personal trainer. I’m so grateful for mine, she’s awesome! I’m grateful for weekends, for a husband who doubles up as a good chauffeur and for sunshine. I know it’s autumn but just secretly I love that it still feels like summer! Hope everyone at your place starts feeling better soon xx

  3. Amie Dolden says

    Pancakes are the best… Hope H steers clear of ear infections, I will be grateful for cooler weather this week! X

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