When life gives you lemons I love this and am living it… literally… at the moment. The kids are both sick and currently on antibiotics for middle ear infections. I feel like we have newborns all over again from the amount of broken sleep we’re getting and from their neediness during the day.

The poor little things are feeling so poorly and it seems as one starts pulling out of it the other one slips into it.

There are two ways I look at this… when the lemons of sickness come my way I literally make a gin and tonic 😉

The second way is… when the lemons of sickness come my way I make gin and tonic out of all the cuddles and kisses and Mummy I need you’s. Whilst I don’t like them being sick and it’s hard work I do like all the cuddles and kisses. They are little for such a short period of time I’m soaking up the moments they need me (and wishing for their speedy recovery at the same time 😉 )

What do you do when life gives you lemons?



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    Poor little loves and poor mumma! When life gives me lessons, I suck them up, look for the flip side and sweeten things up with a lemon cake. Followed by a strong gin and tonic! I hope the little ones feel better and you get more sleep very soon!


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