You will never have this day with your children again This morning I was kicking my heels up in glee. It is my first child free day in 3 weeks (first world issue I know) and some of you are probably reading this thinking… Ha! I should be so lucky. I know, it is not lost on my how Princessy (it’s a word 😉 ) that statement can sound. It’s just that, when are you used to having a day and by day I mean 9:30 – 2:30 to yourself once a week you get to really love it and rely on it. When you don’t have that chance for a few weeks you start to miss it and crave it.

It’s not because you (I) don’t love your (my) children, It’s just that, those few hours when you’re not needed and you’re the master of your own destiny are really lovely.

This morning I have been to the gym, tidied up around the house (and it’s staying tidy), I took a shower (I didn’t have small people jumping on my bed, pulling down things, getting into things and I’m powerless to stop them) and it was lovely.

I then sat down to the computer with some lunch and read the below quote. It killed me. I immediately wanted to race out the door and go get the kids. I’ll stop to let you read it…

“You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow they will be a little bigger then they are today. This day is a gift. Breathe and notice. Smell and touch them; study their faces and little feet and pay attention. Relish the charms of the present. Enjoy today mama. It will be over before you know it.” – Jen Hatmaker

Doozie isn’t it!!?? If your kids are with you I bet you’re looking at them differently and giving them a cuddle and if they are at kindy or school like mine are I bet you’re looking forward to pick up more than you were this morning.

It is such a great reminder for being in the moment with your child. Don’t wish away the time (as I am prone to doing on a bad day or when the kids are going through a difficult stage). Give your kids cuddles and kisses. Put the phone down or step away from the computer (after you’ve finished reading this of course 😉 ) and go and get on the floor with your kids and play, read a book, build with blocks, duplo or lego. Go to the park and kick a ball. Help your babies put their dollies to sleep or even have a cuddle on the couch whilst they have some quiet time watching their favourite TV show.

I know I too need to do this more and appreciate the day and the time with them more. I am going to put this quote on the fridge so I can remind myself every time I feel myself getting frustrated. If this touches a chord with you too I hope you’ll do the same.

Give your kids a hug, enjoy playtime and capture ordinary and special moments. Then, when the moment is gone forever you will have the memory of the moment on film.

Be present & enjoy your babies. Don’t wish away the time. Have a wonderful weekend.


P.S… I think this is why I enjoy photography so much as it allows me to capture moments big and small. I especially love capturing those ordinary moments as they are the ones easily forgotten. Looking at a photograph and having that moment in time brought back to life in your memory is priceless. Jx


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    I love all this post, thanks for the great quote. But at the same time I am really glad you had some kid free time as I think it’s so important to just be you for a few moments, here and there. I think you are spot on with the photography thing, I am trying hard to capture more and more moments as I know the years slip away much to quickly. Sometimes, after the mad hour is over and they’re all asleep, I play with the idea of waking one of them up for a cuddle!

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Ha!! Too funny Laney. I sometime want to give them a cuddle too and then I remember how lovely the silence is!! hahahaha. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the read. Jx

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    A lovely reminder Jess. I am regularly guilty of wishing the time away and thinking “it will be so much easier when my tornadoes are just that bit older”. Toddlers are hard work but I know that they won’t stay little for long. With the past few weeks having been a blur and Handy Hubby working 7 days a week, we are now on a family holiday for 2 weeks. I am relishing our time together and trying to take in as much of their toddler-goodness as possible 🙂

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    A lovely post and while I do try VERY hard to remember this, sometimes it’s just so hard when I have work deadlines, I’m calling myself a work in progress. And even if I remember this 75% of the time it’s a win!

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Wouldn’t that be lovely. I sometime wish I could have a newborn day again. Especially the moment I first met each of my babies. Such an amazing moment. Jx

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    A beautiful reminder. Thanks lovely.
    I had a crappy day yesterday… found out my hard drive is forever broken and our precious baby and holiday photos are not able to be retrieved… But I’ve realised its the memories that matter most and its those little ones that are the most precious of all. A snuggle in the morning, the look of delight on their faces when they try something new, noticing a tiny freckle on their face, holding their tiny hands. Mine are out with their daddy right now but I’m going to give them the tightest squeeze when they walk through that door! Xx

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    It’s so true. Whatever we’re doing, it’s so important to treasure the moment we’re in and treasure every moment with those that we love, because once it’s gone we can’t get it back. This is a great reminder, Jess xx

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Absolutely. No matter who we are or what we’re doing we should try and be in the moment. Jx

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    Thank you for this reminder. I love those moments when I spot my daughter doing something new and I can just sit and watch her explore and discover. I just want to hit pause and soak in those moments!

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    Lovely reminder to stay in the moment. I’m guilty of wishing the time away, particularly the end of the day when I just want to eat dinner and watch TV and relax. I always feel guilty for it and always intend to be better the next day.

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      It’s a constant battle and we are all doing the best we can. Be kind to yourself. Jx

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    Such a lovely post! My “baby” turns 14 this week and she has already started becoming so independent and having her own life. She just came home from school as I was reading this and you reminded me to stop, listen to her day and appreciate the beautiful woman she is becoming. Thank you! x

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    I caught my self earlier this morning listening to the funny way my youngest speaks and filing the sweet memory away. “Will gone to tindy mommy, I go to daytare?” Haha! I’m having a kid free day today but missing them heaps!! When’s it pick up time. I give it an hour before they turn into monsters again xx

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      Ha!! I know what you mean. I hadn’t even gotten them both in the car at pick up before the whinging started!! 😉

    • Jess - alittlepartoftheworld says

      We all need our time out. I hope Ari had a good day and Leni is sleeping for you. Jx

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