11 RAINY DAY ACTIVITES FOR KIDS It’s raining and you feel stuck inside… what are you going to do all day? The kids will climb the walls and you can’t face a busy activity centre or driving around in the the car just to keep them happy.

Never fear… here are 11 easy and fun activities to do with the kids on rainy days. Some are ‘messier’ than others so pick the ones you want to do. Do one, several, or all of them. If your kids are younger and have a shorter attention span then they will go through several of these and will need your assistance/participation.

Have fun with it. I also find as far as mess/craft goes… contain it to one area and then place the activity on the kitchen bench or in the sink to be cleaned up at a later stage. Doing this will save stress as you’re trying to clean up one thing whilst they’ve already moved on to the next.

1. Play dress ups – Get creative. let them use the dress ups they already have. Maybe get out a pair of your old shoes you’re happy for them to play with. Maybe you have some scarves or wraps they can play with. Do you have any costume jewellery? Let them play with it. This doesn’t have to be gender specific. My son uses necklaces to dress up as a pirate. I also use hubby’s belts for him to use as well.

2. Torch play – If it’s raining it’s probably quite dark outside so drawing the blinds, curtains or shutters will make it perfectly dark inside. Turn off the lights and pull out the torch. Kids love playing with torches and as they get older they love doing shadow puppets with their hands. Maybe you can do a guess the animal or sing old macdonald whilst creating a few animals. I remember doing this as a child and loved it.

3. Music session & dancing – I have a little collection of musical instruments that I have in a basket in a cupboard and I bring them out regularly to have ‘jam’ sessions. If you have them great. If not, get creative and pull out your pans, pots and wooden spoons. If you have a left over container from milk or juice then clean it out, dry it and put some rice or beans in it and they can use it as a maraca. Old formula tins make great drums too. Let them create their own music or put some on and you all dance and sing along whilst playing your music.

4. Tower building competition – Get out the Blocks or Duplo. Sort it into two piles (or how ever many you need) and you race to see who can build the highest tower the fastest. I have noticed H is really starting to enjoy a sense of competition and likes to win (don’t we all 😉 ) so this can keep him occupied for ages and his sister loves doing what he does so it makes her happy too. The only thing you will need to watch is knocking down each others towers. But, you can always incorporate that into the game as well. When you’re done, let them knock each others towers down.

5. Make a cubby – Time to get out the blankets and pillows. We all did this as kids and I loved it. Arrange some chairs together far enough apart to get in between but close enough to drape your rug over them and it stays up. If you have a space in your house you can do this without moving furniture then so much the better.

If you have a teepee or tent you can of course use that but making the tent is half the fun. Once you have your structure set up fill it with cushions and make it nice and cosy. You can always do the torch play in here too. let the kids take some toys in there and they will enjoy playing in and around it for a while. If you have the space you can leave it up all day and let them come and go from it.

6. Storytime – The kids both have bookcases in their rooms but I also have a basket in the living room with books in it. They can sit quietly and read whenever they want or we can sit and read together. Whilst in the cubby it’s a good chance to get some books out, let them choose and you all lie or sit in there together and read a few books.

7. Playdoh play –  Set the kids up with doh and accessories (rolling pin, knife, cookie cutter) let them have a play and see what they create. Encourage them to roll balls and logs. It’s great for their fine motor development and imagination. This is also a great chance to make your own dough. It’s no cook and easy to make with the kids. It will also stretch the activity out.

8. Painting and Collage – Time to get the paints out. I personally prefer watercolour as I find it less messy and quicker to clean up. I know I can’t just give the kids watercolour though so I mix it up. If you have an easel great but if not set them up at the dining table or their own little table. I have plastic drop mats to put down and cover the dining table with paper or cloth underneath.

Depending on the age of the kids you will need to stay with them. H is a dream with this stuff and sits quietly and creates. E, on the other hand is a challenge and left alone would paint anything in sight. She is only 22 months though so to be expected.

If you are concerned about the mess of paint then collage could be more for you. Cut up bits of coloured paper, use patty pans, foil, and use different shapes. When it comes to creating the collage you apply the glue or help them apply it.  You can minimise mess and the kids create something gorgeous, bright and fun.

9. Baking cookies – Find a really simple cookie recipe and get the kids in the kitchen with you. They can help stir and even crack eggs or measure out liquids. This works well before morning or afternoon tea as you can then sit down quietly together with a cookie and a glass of milk and enjoy.

10. Colouring in – My kids love colouring in and drawing. H spends ages drawing pirate maps and E loves using different colours and types (texta, pencil & crayon) I love colouring too so am more than happy to sit with the kids and join in. For some great adult colouring pages go here.

11. Jumping in puddles – If you get a break in the weather, get everyone into their rain jackets and gumboots and get outside to find some puddles. Let them jump away to their hearts content. I tend to do this last in the day as they will get a little wet and you can come inside and get straight into the bath. Realistically though, you need to do it whenever you get a break in the weather no matter the time of day. Coming in for a bath to warm up can be half the fun and helps stretch the day out that much more.

I hope these rainy day activities for kids help you on your next rainy day stuck inside. There is lots of fun to be had. Bookmark this page for easy reference or Pin the image above to make it easy to come back too.

What wet weather activities do you like doing with the kids? 


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  1. says

    What a great list! I found you via the ultimate rabbit hole (my first week this week). Will keep following along – always love to find other parenting bloggers (BTW are you part of aussie parenting bloggers on FB? It’s a great group to be part of!)

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      Thanks Lauren. I am a member of the group. Thanks for checking and thanks for stopping by and saying Hi. I’m loving your blog too. Jx

  2. says

    This is such a great list! So many things I hadn’t thought of that are really simple to arrange and to clean up afterwards too! I’m not very inventive when it comes to playing with my daughter so thanks for sharing xx #mummymondays

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      My pleasure Louise. I hope you find it useful. With all this wet weather lately we have been using this list a lot. Jx

  3. says

    Super sunny in Perth this week so I’ll be bookmarking this list (although it doesn’t have to be raining to enjoy these activities!) Miss T (5) is obsessed with colouring in and craft so she is easily pleased. Mr TT (2.5) has the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to colouring or craft. He prefers to eat glue sticks or bite the heads off textas and crayons. I think they’d both love playing with the torches – great idea. Block towers is a winning idea too. Both kids love playing with their kinetic sand so that always gets a good workout on rainy days.

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      Thanks Tash. I haven’t tried the kinetic sand. Sounds like I need to give it a go. E (22 months) get more excited about drawing on herself and has taken lately to drawing on a few walls and an ottoman!!! full of cheek!! her Brother didn’t even look like doing stuff like that. Block towers is a good idea. I can just see the fights now – as I’m seeing my kids have wrestles in the living room as I type this. Jx

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      Thanks Dannielle. That’s an awesome idea!! It’s wet weather here again today so I see a car track in my future! Jx

  4. says

    Great list Jess. One thing we did on the weekend was let the kids cut pictures out of magazines. They loved it. They then decided to make cars with all the pictures they had cut out. Was cute and easy to clean up with a vacuum afterwards x

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      That’s a great tip. H is learning with scissors but E is a ways from that. I’ll be storing that tip away for sure. There is never any shortage of old magazines around here too. Jx

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      Thanks Kylie. We could share some frustrations I’m sure. I’m so pleased you liked the list. I hope it’s been a help in all this wet weather! Jx

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