Casual & Sportluxe-5 I have taken the plunge to try harem pants… also known as drop crotch & poop catchers. N calls them my MC Hammer pants. Either way I have them and I’m loving them. They are so easy to wear and super comfortable. I am all about ease and comfort. These pants are really versatile too. You can take them from Casual, to sport luxe, to smart casual to evening.

I love my jeans, I live in them but sometimes you just want a more comfortable pant that’s easy to move in and smart enough to wear out but also feels like you’re wearing your PJ pants too. That my friends, is called a win/win.

I think with this style of pant it’s how you style them and what you put them with. If you’re trying them for the first time and you’re in the dressing room you might feel a little unsure. I know I tried them a few times before I felt confident enough. It helped that I tried them on with a few different things.

I have had a scout around and found several options for you to try. I have a couple of these myself (#7 & #9). Here’s my version of how to wear harem pants.

1. Country Road $149.00 | 2. Shop Bop $128.17 | 3. Madewell £75.00 | 4. Bohemian Traders $129.00 | 5. Nike £55.00

6. Bassike $140.00 | 7. Seed Heritage $59.96 | 8. Katies $39.95 | 9. Seed Heritage $59.95| 10. Camilla Pants $349.00

I wore mine for the first time today and wanted to have a play around with a few ideas for styling them. Here is what I came up with; Casual & Sportluxe-2 1. I love this casual, off duty look. Perfect for everyday casual living. Top | Pants | Scarf | ShoesAnorak

2. I am really into the sport luxe look at the moment. It’s the best excuse to wear your trackies down the street. Top | Pants | Vest | Runners Casual & Sportluxe-3 3. This jumper is split at the sides and so cute. With a singlet underneath it’s super easy to wear with anything. A great day time look for running around after the kids, having coffee with a friend, getting work done or just hanging out. Jumper | Pants | Converse | H Bracelet | Earrings

4. This top has a silk insert back which gives it a dressier feel and look. It’s perfect for date night. Top | Pants | Ballet Flats | Bracelets | Earrings. Casual & Sportluxe-4 5. This is so comfy and cosy this look. This is almost boyfriend style dressing. The sweater is roomy and boxy and so cosy. The shirt is tailored and long. Shirt | Sweater | Pants | Shoes.

6. I have this cardigan and live in it. It’s so cosy and comfy and stylish as soon as you put it on. You can dress it up or down. Top | Pants | Cardigan | Boots

I’d love to know your thoughts…

Do you wear harem pants? Yay or Nay? If you have them where are your favourites from? How do you like to wear them?


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  1. says

    Just got two pairs for my upcoming overseas holiday and I’m obsessed. Comfortable much! Drop drop crouch look cray on me, but the normal hippy boho ones are so lovely! Def bookmarking this x

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      Yay! So pleased you like them and I’m completely jealous of your upcoming trip. Jx

  2. says

    A couple of the girls that I work with have been sporting some harem pants. I’m not so sure I can pull it off, though. I’m thinking that smart casual look would work best if I’m going to use it for work (I don’t generally buy clothes that I can’t wear to work – fortunately being a teacher means I can get away with quite a bit).

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      No harm in trying them on a having a look. You never know. Some looks I never thought I would wear (including Harem pants) I now love and live in. Jx

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      Thank you lovely. Give them a go. You never know!! We have never met in person but I bet you’re not too much of a short ass. Jx

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      You and me both with the expensive taste! I’d love to see the seed ones when you get them. Jx

  3. says

    I have got some harem pants recently. I love them but I do feel like I’m wearing my pyjamas (not in a good way!) if I just wear a t-shirt with them. I prefer wearing a slightly dressier top with them in a different material. They do take some getting used to but I really like them. Love these looks xx

    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      Thanks Louise. I’m so pleased you like them. I’m still getting used to mine too. Jx

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