6 Great Nail Colours for Winter I love a painted nail and wish I had more time to get them done or do them myself. Having said that, with the use of a fast drying top coat it’s far easier to have your nails done more often.

I am a sucker for a neutral nail as I have mentioned before here. But, when not going neutral I tend towards bright colours in Summer and Darker, warmer colours in Winter. I have a bit of a thing for nail polishes and have built quite the collection. I was recently going through them (c/- of a certain 2 year old who was able to get to them and I needed to move their location) and I pulled out some colours I tend to wear more in the cooler months than in the warmer months.

Here are 6 great nail colours for Winter;

(clockwise from top)… O.P.I Black Onyx | Essie Angora Cardi | Essie Poor Li’l Rich Girl (Similar) | O.P.I Big Apple Red | O.P.I Russian Navy | Chanel Particuliere

Black nails are edgy and make a great statement to almost any outfit.

The angora cardi was actually given to me for my Birthday. It’s not a colour I would have bought myself and I’m glad my Sis chose it as I love it and have been wearing it heaps lately. Just goes to show you should try new things and something you wouldn’t always go for could be a great idea.

Who doesn’t love and need a good red in their wardrobe. I don’t wear red nails a lot but I think everyone needs a red in their collection. Red, like all colours comes in so many different shades. I love both of these as they range from a dark red to a bold as brass bright red.

I am a huge fan of Russian navy. I wore this colour most last winter. I even wrote a post about them here.

Finally, who doesn’t love Chanel’s Particuliere?!

6 Great nail colours for Winter Do you have a favourite colour for Winter? 


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    I love all the OPI reds but I’m just not brave enough to wear bold colours on my hands, I’m a serial nail wrecker and the world’s worst nail painter. It’s just a recipe for a manicure disaster! Having said that, the Russian Navy is just swoonsome!


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