Dreaming is Planning Quote, Gloria Steinem Quote I love this Gloria Steinem quote. I completely love the idea that dreaming is a form of planning. Man oh man am I doing a lot of ‘planning’.

So much dreaming and so much planning…

I love the excitement of possibility but I have to work on not getting overwhelmed by all that I want to do and achieve. Sometimes it can all seem impossible. Not enough hours in the day, am I good enough? I don’t know what I’m doing.. all that self doubt talk that rolls around in my head.

Gloria’s quote is a wonderful reminder how important dreaming is and how essential the excitement of possibility and all the lays ahead is.

Happy planning friends.

What are you dreaming about at the moment? Are you doing lots of ‘planning’ like me?



    • Jess - A Little Part of the World says

      It’s a cracker isn’t it. I always lament that I dream but take too long to plan and implement… if at all. So that face that merely dreaming is getting a start on my planning is winning!! Jx

  1. says

    YES! I am a big dreamer. At the moment I’m dreaming and planning a new business idea. But my favourite thing to dream about is what if I won lotto?? Now if that ever happened I would be very well planned in how I would spend it lol.

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