10 ON 10 PROJECT | JUNE 2015

Happy 10th of June friends. I love this time of month. Each month, on the 10th, myself and other in a photography circle share 10 photos. The idea is to share 10 photos from a day in your life. This month I am sharing photos from my daughter's 2nd Birthday. These are taken from about 10 minutes … [Read more...]


Whilst being at home I have had the luxury of having some lazy days. The school holidays are perfect for lazy days don't you think? Staying in PJ's all day, watching a movie, eating cake and drinking cups of tea, cuddles on the lounge, afternoon sleeps, a slow walk in the fresh air, reading a … [Read more...]


It's not every day you turn 1. Because we are still renovating and it was down to the wire if we would be finished we decided to just have morning tea for E's 1st Birthday. We couldn't have as big a party as we had for H but we had to acknowledge it in some way so morning tea it was...I couldn't … [Read more...]


I am not a natural or confident baker, but I'm trying. Considering it doesn't come naturally to me and I don't have a lot of time on my hands I'm always on the look out for easy and quick recipes. I'm not adverse to packet mix's at all (in fact I used packet for family last weekend - it's fool … [Read more...]