10 ON 10 PROJECT | JUNE 2015

Happy 10th of June friends. I love this time of month. Each month, on the 10th, myself and other in a photography circle share 10 photos. The idea is to share 10 photos from a day in your life. This month I am sharing photos from my daughter's 2nd Birthday. These are taken from about 10 minutes … [Read more...]


Hi lovelies, Today I want to show you some newborn photos of the newest addition to our family. Meet the tiny and perfect Miss E! She is 3 weeks old and the 3rd daughter of my husband's 1st cousin. Her Mum is also my bestie. Miss E is a doll. So similar to her eldest sister at the same age … [Read more...]

10 ON 10 PROJECT | MAY 2015

Happy 10th of the month folks. I love the 10th as it means it's 10 on 10 Project day. I love this project. I love taking the photos, sharing them and seeing all the other photos the rest of the circle share. This month is taken from a typical day with the kids... we start off with some DUPLO play … [Read more...]


One of my passions is photographing my children. I love getting the camera out and snapping away. One of the biggest thrills I get is going back through the shots and seeing a cracker. Getting shots of your kids can be challenging as they are fast and unpredictable. I have put together 12 tips for … [Read more...]


Are you the main photographer in your house? Are there hundreds of photos of your partner and your children in photos together and hardly any of you? Want to be in more photos? Want more family photos of all of you? Want more family photos that aren't cramped selfies? I have a hot tip: Get a … [Read more...]